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Arkansas Board of Apportionment

2010 Census Data! View Interactive 2010 Census Map and 2010 Statewide House and Senate Maps - View DataWhat is Redistricting? Learn more about the process.
Welcome To the Arkansas Board of Apportionment

We hope that you find the website helpful and informative. The Board of Apportionment, consisting of the Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General, was created in 1936 by Amendment 23 to the Arkansas Constitution. Over the next few months, the Board will be redrawing 100 House & 35 Senate Districts so that each district meets various legal criteria, including each district being about the same size in population. This "redistricting" is required by law once every 10 years after the Federal Census. You can see our timeline by going to the events calendar page. The Board of Apportionment only “redistricts” Legislative Seats (i.e. the Arkansas House & Senate), not Congressional Seats – that is the responsibility of the Arkansas General Assembly. Thank you for visiting and we invite you to explore the website at your convenience.

The Maps page of this website contains images of the adopted House & Senate Districts, a link to an interactive website which allows you to zoom down to street level for any district, the adopted House & Senate Report, plus downloadable shape, access, and excel database files.

2010 Census data

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